'During the war you once told me that you would rather live in a filthy cellar with me than be a soldier. You were'nt a youngster anymore when you wrote that, you were thirty-six years old. Sometimes I do feel that the war put a kink in you. You used to be different.' (Heinrich Böll, 'And Never Said A Word', 1953)
'This is about the lives of humble people during World War II, about their distress and anxiety, their desperation and hope. The central element consists of photographs from the family albums of a German family from the Eifel. The photographs show young soldiers, surrounded by their relatives and friends, and scenes from everyday life. Eddie Bonesire combines these with his own recent landscape photographs taken in the Eifel and with texts which he wrote himself or which he found in works by Lysias, Heinrich Böll, Hermann Michels and Natasha Radojčić The emphasis is on the universal and timeless nature of this human experience of war.'
Marie-Therese Huppertz, curator
The Book 'Im Krieg sagtest du einmal...' was published by Nicolai Verlag, Berlin, in 2015 (See Publications/Catalogues).
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