'Photoautomat'-type photo booths are quite popular in Berlin, among both locals and visitors, as they produce 'vintage-style', analogue black & white photographs. The first 'Photoautomat' Eddie Bonesire came across and photographed in 2013 was actually the one located at C/O Berlin, a major photography exhibition venue. He then looked up the locations of the other booths of the same type and, within two days, he photographed some 20 of them, making it a formal composition exercise to concentrate on the different materials and colours used for the fixed parts of the cubicle (walls, floor, seat and curtain). The result is a series of nearly 'abstract' compositions that show the 'Photoautomat' as an object, almost disconnecting it from its primary functionality and from its users.' (Marie-Thérèse Huppertz, curator)
A 'Photoautomat' catalogue, documenting the work of both Eddie Bonesire and Moritz Frei was published by Galerie Born, Berlin (See Publications/Catalogues)
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